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News Release: CU-Boulder administration spent $124,561; CUSG spent $154,236 to curtail 4/20 gathering

RELEASED: May 25, 2012


Bronson Hilliard, CU spokesperson, 303-735-6183
Ryan Huff, CU Police spokesperson, 303-492-7581
Carly Robinson, former CUSG vice president,
Carlos Garcia, University Memorial Center, 303-492-8832

The University of Colorado Boulder’s administration and CU’s student government together spent a combined $278,797.52 to curtail the 4/20 gathering on the CU-Boulder campus this year, according to figures released today by the university.

The administration spent $124,561.34 and the CU Student Government spent $154,236.18.

“I view the university’s commitment of $124,000 as an investment in the health, safety and conduct of basic academic business on the CU-Boulder campus,” said CU-Boulder Chancellor Philip P. DiStefano. “Our efforts were funded by insurance premium rebates that result from CU-Boulder’s reductions in liability and hazard claims, so no tuition dollars were applied to this expense.”

The CUSG portion was spent to fund a concert by hip-hop artist Wyclef Jean. Those funds, controlled by CUSG, came from student fee reserves, so there will be no impact on CU-Boulder student fee structures next fall as a result of the expenses.

“We sought to give CU students an alternative activity to participating in 4/20,” said Carly Robinson, former CUSG vice president for internal affairs. “We know that maximum attendance at the show – about 1,200 – was lower than we hoped, but it was still four times larger than the 300 or so who participated in the smoke-out. I believe we made good on our pledge to the student body and took a major step toward ending 4/20.”

CU-Boulder’s $124,561.34 in police and facilities costs included:

• $75,569.37 for CU police/security/dispatcher overtime and labor costs for officers from outside agencies;

• $12,579.61 for Argus security staff assisting with police/parking operations;

• $5,789.29 for Fire Department/ambulance coverage;

• $9,515.55 on miscellaneous expenses, including food and water for all personnel; ads in Boulder, Denver and Fort Collins student newspapers and additional equipment rental;

• $6,550.85 for CU Parking and Transportation Services personnel overtime;

• $7,270.67 for Parking Services equipment/rentals, such as cones, barricades and signs. The campus and area closure signs are re-usable for other events, such as President Obama’s visit last month.

• $7,286 for overtime labor costs in facilities management (groundskeeping, locksmiths and other facilities employees). This includes $699 for the fish emulsion and equipment to apply it to the Norlin Quad.

CUSG concert expenditures include:

• $84,611 for talent

• $35,882.66 for production

• $19,526.63 for security

• $8,049.65 for facility fee

• $3,441.88 for staff

• $1,170 for parking

• $1,056.93 for miscellaneous expenses

• $497.43 for transportation