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News Release: Jogger struck by vehicle near Franklin Field



RELEASED: April 24, 2012

SUBJECT: Vehicle vs. pedestrian accident

CONTACT:    Ryan Huff, Communications Manager, Police Department
                        303-492-7581 /

At 7:45 p.m. on April 23, the University of Colorado Police Department responded to a report of a jogger being struck by a vehicle near Franklin Field.

A silver SUV drove up onto the sidewalk at 2355 Colorado Ave. and struck a jogger and a “Road Closed” sign, according to witness reports. Witnesses said the jogger, 24-year-old Joseph Sampson, of Boulder, flew onto the hood of the SUV and was pinned between the vehicle and the sign.

Medical personnel responded to the scene and took Sampson to Boulder Community Hospital. He suffered minor injuries.

The driver, CU student Erika Petrak, 21, of Boulder, received a summons for careless driving causing bodily injury.

Witnesses said the vehicle went from a parked position to extreme acceleration. During an interview with officers, Petrak said she thought her vehicle was in reverse and pressed on the gas. When her vehicle went forward, she tried to step on the brake but instead struck the gas pedal.

The Case Number is 2012-1134.