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News Release: Three CU students arrested in felony bike theft case



RELEASED: May 22, 2012

SUBJECT: Bike theft arrests

CONTACT:    Ryan Huff, Communications Manager, Police Department
                        303-492-7581 /

The University of Colorado Boulder Police Department arrested three CU students last week who were involved in bike thefts. Officers arrested the following individuals on the charges listed:

Redacted per Court Order: Possession of burglary tools (F5), criminal mischief (M2), theft $500-$1,000 (M1), possession of 2 ounces or less of marijuana, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.

Redacted per Court Order: Possession of burglary tools (F5), criminal mischief (M2), theft $500-$1,000 (M1).

Redacted per Court Order: Possession of burglary tools (F5), criminal mischief (M2), theft $500-$1,000 (M1). 

On May 16, 2012 at 11:19 p.m., two officials with the Police Department’s Community Safety Operations noticed suspicious activity at the bike racks west of Stearns West Hall in Williams Village. Two men and two women were standing near the bike racks with a set of bolt cutters. UCPD officers arrived on scene to interview the suspects.

Officers observed Redacted running with a bicycle north across Baseline Road near 31st Street. Redacted stated that the Giant bike belonged to a friend, but the name provided did not match when officers looked up the registered owner. Redacted told officers she had rented a pair of bolt cutters to cut a lock on her bike she parked in the racks about a year ago. Redacted said she was unsure where she had parked it. CSO officials observed Redacted placing the bolt cutters between two cars as officers arrived.

Officers observed multiple attempted cut marks on U-locks in the bike racks. In addition to the Giant bike, they also found two bicycles lying on the grass in the area where the suspects initially were seen. Officers found a Trek 820 with a missing front tire and a Schwinn Ranger with a missing seat. Tires belonging to the Trek 820 and the Giant bike were found attached by a lock to the bike rack. The total value of the three bikes is approximately $875.

After interviews with the suspects, officers arrested the three CU students. Their cases will be referred to both the Boulder County District Court and the CU Office of Student Conduct. The fourth individual was not cited or arrested.

The Case Number is 2012-1349.

Bike theft is the most frequent crime on many college campuses, and CU is no exception. The CU-Boulder campus, however, has seen a large drop in bike thefts. The campus had 326 stolen bike cases in 2010. The number of cases dropped to 137 last year, marking a 58 percent decrease. The reduction in bike theft can be attributed to several arrests of repeat bike thieves, directed enforcement by patrol officers and bike safety educational efforts.

The CU Police Department asks students, faculty and staff to register their bicycle’s serial number at the CU Bike Station, just east of the University Memorial Center. If your bike is ever stolen, police have a better chance of finding it by accessing a nationwide database. The Police Department also advocates the use of a high-quality U-lock. For other safety tips, please visit the UCPD website’s bike theft prevention page at