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Safety Update: Boulder police warn of burglary spike on University Hill

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August 2, 2012

SUBJECT: University Hill burglaries

The Boulder Police Department has seen a recent rise in burglaries in the University Hill neighborhood. Over the past two weeks, 14 burglaries have been reported at residences in the general area of 10th to 12th streets and Euclid to University avenues. During this same period last year, there were no reported burglaries in this neighborhood.

A pattern of these crimes include suspects entering through unlocked doors and windows at both day and night. Some have accessed residences through second-floor balconies with unlocked sliding doors. In some cases, victims have been at home asleep or in other rooms during the break-ins. Burglars are targeting laptops, cell phones, iPods and wallets.

Burglaries of occupied residences can escalate to assaults and other crimes against people. It’s critically important that residents keep their doors, windows and garages secured – especially at night. During the summer months, when residents want to stay cool, there are ways to keep windows open without comprising safety. Consider rail locks, dowels or other devices to prevent a suspect from entering your residence through a window. Also, keep curtains and blinds closed so potential suspects cannot see valuables inside your residence.

If you see suspicious activity, please immediately call 911.