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Records Fees

Victims of a crime may receive a copy of a police report without charge. Others are required to pay the cost of providing the record; see the fee schedule below. For large or complex requests, a deposit toward the estimated fee may be required before work begins to complete the request. The CUPD Records Office accepts only cash or checks as payment for services or reports. We do not accept credit or debit cards.

Criminal Justice Records—Includes retrieval and copying of the first five pages of the record -- $7.50

Additional pages of Criminal Justice Records beyond the first five pages -- $0.25 per page

Criminal History or Background Check — $7.50

Ad Hoc Reports/Special Computer Searches -- $50.00 per hour

Case Photographs (if available) -- $.35 per page or $15.00 per CD

Dispatch Recordings (includes CD-R media) Additional Dispatch Request Form Required-available on this website -- $35.00 per hour

Mail Requests—Fee is in addition to all other costs and is intended to cover mailing supplies, postage, and staff time related to the mailing — $2.50

Other Recordings (VHS, CD, DVD, etc.)—includes cost of CD-R media — $15.00 per CD