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Reporting Crimes

Reporting Crimes and Emergencies


Driving or biking carefully on campus makes things easier for everyone. If you do have an accident on campus or in one of the campus parking lots, call the University Police Department at 492-6666.


In case of an emergency, call 911 to reach the fire and police departments or for ambulance or rescue services. You can call 911 from any telephone, including public pay telephones, without inserting a coin.

Persons who are deaf or hard of hearing should call 911 from a TTY/TDD telephone to reach the University Police Department or City of Boulder Police Department.

Emergency telephones are located strategically throughout the campus and in parking structures. These phones will connect you with the 911 emergency center at the University.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Police Emergency 9-1-1
Police Non-Emergency 303-492-6666
CU Campus Victim Assistance 303-492-8855
Boulder Community Hospital 303-440-2037
Boulder County Safehouse 303-444-2424
MESA (Rape Crisis) 303-443-7300
Suicide Prevention Line (24-Hour Crisis Line) 303-447-1665

Medical Emergencies

Dial 911 for medical emergency assistance.  Routine medical treatment is available on campus at Wardenburg Student Health Center, 492-5101.  Boulder Community Hospital operates a 24-hour emergency room at 1100 Balsam Avenue, 440-2037. Deaf or hard-of-hearing persons may reach Boulder Community Hospital through TTY/TDD at 440-2268.

Crime Report Information

Guidelines regarding how and when to report a crime are provided at new student and residence hall advisor orientations, in A Guide to Residence Hall Living, and in the Boulder campus telephone directory. This information also is provided at new staff and faculty orientations.

Colorado Revised Statute, 18-8-115, "Duty to Report a Crime," requires all persons who believe a crime has been committed to promptly report the suspected crime to law enforcement authorities.

  • Timely advisories are made to the community when known crime risks might endanger students or employees. These reports are made using one or more of the following methods:
  • initiating press releases
  • making reports available to the press for police blotter publication in campus newspapers
  • submitting advisory and prevention information for posting on student information bulletin boards
  • preparing and distributing crime-alert bulletins
  • providing summary information on crimes reported to the police on the blotter electronic bulletin