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Safety Update: Boulder police investigating shooting of intruder at College Ave. home

The following is a Boulder Police Department news release.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012
Kim Kobel, Boulder Police, 303-441-3370

Boulder police investigating early-morning shooting of intruder

Police in Boulder were called to a home in the 400 block of College Ave. at 3:26 a.m. after a resident reported that he had shot an intruder.

The male and female homeowners (husband and wife) had been sleeping in their bedroom when they were awakened by a noise, which they initially thought may have been a raccoon outside their exterior bedroom door. The screen door was closed but unlocked.

When the female homeowner realized that the noise was not a raccoon, but someone who had opened the door and entered the bedroom, both she and her husband shouted for the intruder to get out. According to the homeowners, they continued to shout to warn the intruder to leave. The male homeowner shouted that he had a gun and would use it if the intruder did not leave immediately. The intruder continued walking through the bedroom, toward the couple. The couple could see a light that the intruder was carrying as the intruder continued toward the bed.

The husband and wife told police the intruder would not acknowledge their demands to leave. At that point, the husband fired one shot toward the light, and heard what sounded like something falling onto floor. When the husband turned on the light, they saw an unknown female intruder on the floor with a gunshot wound to her hip. The couple called 911.

The female intruder was taken to the hospital for treatment. Her injuries do not appear to be life threatening.

Police are continuing to investigate this case and are working in partnership with the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office. At this time, police are not releasing the names of the homeowners or the female intruder, because the case remains open. No further information will be released at this time.

The case number is 12-6938.