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Laptop Registration / Tips

A laptop is a valuable resource for students and workers on the go. Laptops often contain personal information and data that is important to the owner. Unfortunately, they also have great value to thieves and burglars.

Registering your laptop can be an important step in preventing victimization. Registration stickers often act as a deterrant, making the item difficult to pawn or sell quickly. Information obtained during registration such as make, model, and serial number also make it easier for police to identify recovered items and return them to their proper owners.

University of Colorado Police and the Boulder Police Department offer a laptop computer registration program that is quick, easy, and free. Owners can bring their laptops to one of the registration sites listed below so that their computer can be marked with a tamper-resistant sticker:

  • University of Colorado Boulder Technology Learning Center, 1045 18th Street, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Norlin Commons Help Desk

CUPD offers the following safety tips to prevent your laptop and other items from being stolen:

  • Always keep your office locked when unattended. That includes when leaving for lunch or using the restroom.
  • In common areas, such as dining facilities, libraries or the University Memorial Center, never leave laptops, mobile phones or other valuable items unattended.
  • Record serial numbers of bikes, desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones and other items that could be stolen. If these items are recovered, it is easier to return them to you.