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Daily Camera editorial: CU takes a bite out of bike crime

From CU Police:

The University of Colorado Boulder has seen a dramatic drop in campus bike thefts. 

The campus had 326 stolen bike cases in 2010. The number of cases dropped to 137 last year, marking a 58 percent decrease. Through May 22 this year, the campus has had 62 cases of bike theft.

The reduction in bike theft can be attributed to several arrests of repeat bike thieves, directed enforcement by patrol officers and bike safety educational efforts. In 2010, UCPD made 14 arrests and issued 6 tickets for bike theft.

The CU Police Department asks students, faculty and staff to register their bicycle’s serial number at the CU Bike Station, just east of the University Memorial Center. If your bike is ever stolen, police have a better chance of finding it by accessing a nationwide database. The Police Department also advocates the use of a high-quality U-lock. For other safety tips, please visit the UCPD website’s bike theft prevention page at

Below are excerpts from a Boulder Daily Camera editorial published on May 24, 2012.


CU takes a bite out of bike crime

Cycle thefts are down on campus

By Erika Stutzman

Posted:   05/24/2012 01:00:00 AM MDT

Bike thefts on college campuses are so common that it would be pretty unusual to meet a student on any medium- to large-sized campus who didn't know at least one person who had been a victim of it during their years on campus.

Hundreds of thousands of bicycles are reported stolen every year -- and since bicycles are notoriously hard to recover, many (if not most) victims don't even report the crime. Universities report that bike thefts make up the single largest segment of crime on and around campus.

… The University of Colorado Boulder Police Department arrested three students last week who were charged in bike thefts. It was probably the reported bolt cutters they had near bike racks that gave them away. But this caught our attention: Bike thefts at CU are down.

… Bikes are often very expensive and an extremely important part of the campus and city commute. For a lot of students, it's their only mode of transportation other than their own two feet. We applaud the efforts of the CU Police Department and savvy bike owners in the reduction of this type of crime.

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